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In RUGGERO's song Úsame, the artist reflects on a past relationship and expresses his desire to rekindle the flame. He reflects on the danger of being in a relationship with someone who has used him in the past, but still wants to take the risk and try again. He expresses his longing to be in the other person's bed and to be used by them if they have the desire. He also expresses his willingness to let go of any expectations and to make peace with the other person.
Ruggero Pasquarelli (born 10 September 1993), known professionally as as RUGGERO, is an Italian singer and actor. In 2010, he took part in the fourth series of the Italian talent show X Factor. He is also known for his performance as Federico in the Argentine telenovela Violetta (2012–2015) and as Matteo Balsano in Soy Luna (2016–2018). Since 2012, he resides and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the last couple of years, he released 2 albums, and sings mostly in Spanish.