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In the song "Déjala Que Vuelva" by Piso 21, the singer expresses his understanding of a difficult situation in which his partner has left him, but he is still willing to give her a second chance. He encourages her to come back, as she knows the way back to him, and he does not want her to suffer. He also acknowledges that it is hard for him to let her go, as he still remembers the feeling of her body and her kisses. He ultimately decides to let her go, as he knows that she will come back if she wants to.
Piso 21 is a Colombian reggaeton and Latin pop group formed in Medellín, Colombia in 2007. The name Piso 21 derives from an elevator in a building in Medellin, Colombia, which has 21 floors. The group has achieved success with singles such as "Me Llamas", "Déjala Que Vuelva", and "Te Amo". The group has won several awards, including two Latin Grammy Awards for Best Urban Music Album and Best Urban Song. Piso 21 has also collaborated with artists such as Maluma, Nicky Jam, and Manuel Turizo. Their music is a mix of reggaeton, Latin pop, and urban music, and their lyrics often focus on themes of love, friendship, and life.