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Nicki Nicole
Beginner | Reggaeton | Argentina
The song "NO voy a llorar :')" by Nicki Nicole is about moving on from a past relationship and choosing not to cry or suffer over someone who doesn't love her back. The lyrics describe the singer's decision to let go of her love for this person and to not allow her ex to hurt her again. She acknowledges that their love can never be and that she has already lost enough. She also tells the person to let her go and to stop contacting her, while she tries to silence the feelings in her heart. The chorus repeats the message that she will not cry or suffer over the person leaving, and instead, she will talk to the moon and move on with her life.
Nicole Denise Cucco (born 25 August 2000), known professionally as Nicki Nicole, is an Argentine rapper and singer. In May 2020, the singer released her single "Colocao", which peaked at number six on the Argentina Hot 100 and 48th in Spain. In August, Nicki Nicole became the first Argentine woman to top the Argentina Hot 100 chart with "Mamichula", alongside Argentine rapper Trueno and Bizarrap. The song also peaked at number one in Spain and is certified platinum in the country as well. Nicki Nicole in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in April 2021 with Lunay, as the first Argentinean artist to perform in the show.