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"Enamórate De Alguien Más" by Morat is a song about the difficult process of getting over a relationship. The narrator realizes that although he wants his ex back, he is not strong enough to get over it. He knows that life is not easy, but he cannot give up on his ex. Therefore, he asks his ex to fall in love with someone else so that he can get over it. The narrator also realizes that the hardest thing is to fight against the unforgettable, but he hopes that with time he can fall in love again.
Morat is a Colombian folk-pop band from Bogotá, Colombia. The band consists of vocalist Juan Pablo Isaza, guitarist Simón Vargas, bassist Martín Vargas, and drummer Juan Pablo Villamil. The members of Morat have known each other since they were five years old. The band has released 4 studio albums, "Sobre El Amor y Sus Efectos Secundarios", "Balas Perdidas", "¿A dónde vamos?", and "Si ayer fuera hoy". Their music is a mix of folk, pop, and rock, with lyrics that explore themes of love, heartbreak, and nostalgia.