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Monsieur Perine
Monsieur Perine's song "Nuestra Canción" is a love song about two people who, despite the obstacles they face, find a way to express their love for each other through music. The lyrics tell the story of how the protagonist wrote a song for the person they love, and how they overcame the difficulties of their relationship to create something beautiful. The chorus of the song encourages the listener to tell the gardener that they bring flowers and love. This is a metaphor for the couple's love, which is strong enough to overcome any obstacle.
Monsieur Periné is a Bogotá-based musical ensemble from Colombia with an Afro-Colombian sound that mixes Latin and European flavors. Lead singer Catalina García sings in a mixture of Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese. Monsieur Perine's music is a unique blend of traditional Colombian rhythms, jazz, and Latin American folk music. Their debut album in 2012 won Colombia's national gold album award. Their style mixes elements of cumbia, tango, danzón, bolero and pop music.