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The song "Mi Buen Amor" by Mon Laferte is about a relationship where the speaker's partner continuously hurts and disappoints them, but then keeps coming back and expecting forgiveness. The speaker has been through therapy and fake relationships, but their feelings for their partner persist. The speaker questions why their partner keeps returning and demanding love as if nothing had happened, and ultimately decides to move on and not give their partner another chance. The song expresses frustration and heartbreak over a toxic relationship.
Norma Monserrat Bustamante Laferte (born 2 May 1983) is a Chilean musician, singer, composer and painter with Mexican citizenship. She is known for her musical versatility, having composed songs in a wide variety of genres such as pop, rock, bolero, cumbia and salsa. By 2019, she was the Chilean artist with the most listeners on Spotify worldwide, as well as being the Chilean artist with the most nominations in a single edition of the Latin Grammy Awards (5 in 2017). Some of her successes include "Tormento", "Amor completo", "Si tú me quisieras", "Tu falta de querer", "Amárrame", and "Mi buen amor". She received a Latin Grammy in 2017 for Best Alternative Song for "Amárrame".