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In "Torna a casa" by Måneskin, the narrator reflects on his journey from a place of darkness and despair to one of hope and redemption. He is accompanied by a woman who has helped him to overcome his struggles and find his way back home. The song is a plea for her to come back home with him, as he is afraid of being alone and losing her. The narrator reflects on the power of love and how it can help us to overcome our fears and find our way back home.
Måneskin is an Italian rock band from Rome, Italy. The band are composed of vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio. Måneskin is known for their energetic live performances and their unique blend of rock, pop, and electronic music. They have collected 34 platinum and 7 gold certifications from FIMI, and have sold over one million records in Italy before their post-Eurovision breakthrough. Their international breakthrough ensued when the band won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for Italy with the song "Zitti e buoni".