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In "Brividi" by Mahmood, the singer expresses his frustration in not being able to express his feelings and not being able to find a way out of the situation he finds himself in. The lyrics talk about how he and his partner have grown apart, and how he has been left naked and shivering, unable to express what he feels. The singer tries to find a way to get away, even if it means accepting a lie, but in the end he stays there, on a diamond bike, naked and shivering.
Mahmood is an Italian singer and songwriter who rose to fame after winning the 2019 Sanremo Music Festival. His music is a mix of pop, rap, and R&B, and he often incorporates elements of his Italian heritage into his songs. He is best known for his hit single "Soldi", which topped the Italian charts and was certified platinum. His Sanremo victories allowed him to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in those respective years, finishing in second place in 2019 and in sixth place in 2022 as the host entrant.