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Los Angeles Azules, Natalia Lafourcade
Intermediate | Cumbia | Mexico
Los Angeles Azules' song "Nunca Es Suficiente" is a heartfelt ballad about unrequited love. The narrator expresses their desire to make their beloved happy, but they are aware that their love is not enough. Despite the pain of being rejected, the narrator still loves their beloved and is willing to offer them unconditional love. The song speaks to the universal experience of loving someone who does not love you back, and the narrator's resilience in the face of heartbreak.
Los Angeles Azules is a Mexican band from Mexico City that has been playing cumbia music since the 1980s. The band is composed of brothers Elías, Jorge, and Carlos Mejía Avante, and their cousin, Memo Mendez Guiu. Los Angeles Azules has released over 20 albums, and their music has been featured in films, television shows, and commercials. They are known for their unique blend of traditional cumbia music with modern sounds, and their live shows are always a hit with fans.