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Lele Pons
18+ | Intermediate | Pop | Venezuela / United States
In the song "Celoso" by Lele Pons, the singer expresses her independence and freedom to do what she wants without being controlled by her partner. She refuses to be called at 5am to check who is in her bed and instead wants to go out and enjoy the night without any restrictions. She also refuses to be bought with expensive drinks and insists that she can work for her own money. The chorus emphasizes her freedom by saying that she will do what she wants even if her admirer will get jealous if he sees her with someone else.
Lele Pons is a Venezuelan-American singer and internet personality. She rose to fame on the social media platform Vine, where she became one of the most popular creators, before transitioning to other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. In addition to her successful career as a social media star, Pons has also released music, showcasing her singing talent. In 2018, she released her debut single "Celoso" which reached the top of the Billboard Latin Pop Songs chart, and in 2019, Pons released her debut album "Una Vaina Loca" which featured hit songs and collaborations with other popular Latin American artists. She's also known for her philanthropic work, particularly on mental health awareness and education causes.