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16+ | Intermediate | Trap | Argentina
KHEA's song "Dónde Estás" is a reflection on a past relationship that has ended due to the singer's own mistakes. The lyrics express the singer's regret and longing for the person they once were with, and they ask for forgiveness. The song is a plea to find the person again and remember what they once had. The singer also reflects on their own behavior, admitting that they need something for their head as the person they loved no longer kisses them.
Ivo Alfredo Thomas Serue (born 13 April 2000), known by his stage name Khea, is an Argentine trap rapper and singer. He is a member of the Argentinian trap scene along with artists such as Cazzu and Duki. Ivo grew up influenced by pop music and the music his mother listened to, pointing to Canadian singer Justin Bieber and the Spanish rock and rumba band Estopa as his biggest influences. When he reached the age of 13, he began to hang out more with his older brother and his friends which changed Ivo's musical influences from pop to rap and hip hop. This led to his current style of Latin trap, with his lyrics usually focusing on romance and sex.