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The song "Pobre Corazón" by Ke Personajes is about the singer's difficult situation of not being able to bear the thought of their loved one leaving them. The lyrics express the pain and confusion the singer feels as they try to come to terms with the breakup. They question how they will explain to their heart that their loved one is leaving, and they feel lost and disoriented without them. The chorus repeats the phrase "te vas" (you're leaving), emphasizing the pain of not being able to see their loved one again. Despite the sadness, the song also encourages listeners to dance and enjoy the moment.
Ke Characters is an Argentine cumbia group, started in 2016 in Argentina. Its leader and vocalist is Emanuel Noir. In 2016, according to their own account, guys who had known each other for a long time got together to play at a party. Emanuel Noir, singer, Damián Piñeiro, keyboard, Sebastián Boffeli, electric drums, Enzo Martínez on the güiro, were the ones who started the band, which was later joined by Joel Brem (keyboard) and Juan Emanuel Álvarez in broadcasting. The group gained popularity thanks to a couple of videos that went viral on YouTube.
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