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"Ojitos Rojos" by Grupo Frontera featuring Ke Personajes is a heartfelt song that tells the story of a fallen soldier with a broken heart, desperately trying to survive. The lyrics express the pain of being without the person they love and the longing to be with them again. The song explores the emotions of jealousy and the hope of reuniting, even if the person they love is with someone else. The lyrics also touch on the idea of holding onto memories and refusing to let go, as well as the belief that there is still time to make things right. With its emotional lyrics and captivating melody, "Ojitos Rojos" is a powerful song that resonates with listeners.
Grupo Frontera is a musical group of regional Mexican music, originally from the United States. Formed in the Texas Valley with roots from Tamaulipas and Nuevo León, Grupo Frontera was established in 2022. This group is characterized by its mix of norteño and cumbia rhythms. Their biggest success so far is in the song "No Se Va", a cover of the song originally by Morat. The song cover has led the members to become known throughout the United States and the Mexican Republic. The group said that it all started as a hobby which soon became a dream come true.