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In the song "Hasta La Muerte" by Eslabón Armado, the narrator expresses his deep love for his partner. He is captivated by her gaze and wants to feel her presence all the time. He requests her to embrace him tightly and promises to love her until death. He is obsessed with her and wants to share his entire life with her. He is content with the small moments they share and she illuminates all his senses. He assures her that no one can compare to her kisses, caresses, and gaze.
Eslabon Armado is an American regional Mexican group formed in 2017. The group started as a trio, composed of brothers Pedro Tovar (lead vocals), and Brian Tovar (bass), alongside their friend Gabriel Hidalgo. While still teenagers, the three began to study and play Sierreña music as well as Regional Mexican genres like norteño and ranchera, influenced by the music listened by their parents. The trio released several videos of live performances to YouTube and other social media platforms like TikTok, gaining attention from record labels and fans. Later, Gabriel Hidalgo left the group, and Damian Pachecho (requinto guitar) and Ulises González (acoustic guitar) joined. The group released five studio albums and have received several awards and nominations including two Billboard Music Awards, two Billboard Latin Music Awards and two Latin American Music Awards.