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"ATORRANTE" is a song by Emanero, an artist from Argentina, featuring Ulises Bueno, Migrantes, and Los Palmeras. The lyrics of the song express remorse and apology for past mistakes and irresponsible behavior. The protagonist acknowledges that they were a "atorrante," a charming thief, who lied and deceived out of fear of love. They ask for forgiveness and express the emptiness they feel without their loved one. The song reflects on the consequences of their actions and the pain of being ignored and erased from their partner's life. The lyrics also touch on the protagonist's longing for their ex-partner and their regret for not taking care of their love. The song combines elements of different music genres, including rap and traditional Argentine music, creating a unique and catchy sound.
Federico Andrés Giannoni (Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 1, 1987), known as Emanero, is an Argentine rapper, songwriter, and record producer. With over 15 years of career and songs about social reality and personal issues, Emanero has become a reference in hip hop/rap in Latin America. He began his career in 2004 producing his own music. In 2005, at only 17 years old, he released his demo titled "Mi primer maketa" on the internet, which launched him into the national scene, sharing stages with the Chilean band Tiro de Gracia. At the end of that year, he started working with the independent label Sigla Music and released his first studio album, "Bienvenidos a mi mundo" (Welcome to My World).