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Eddie Santiago
Eddie Santiago's song "Cada Vez Otra Vez" is a passionate plea for a loved one to return. The lyrics express the singer's longing for the person he loves and his conviction that she will eventually come back. The singer reflects on the memories of their time together, and how difficult it is to forget the love they shared. He expresses his willingness to wait for her to come back, and his belief that she will return "cada vez otra vez" (each time, again and again).
Eddie Santiago is a Puerto Rican salsa singer and songwriter who has been a major force in the Latin music scene since the 1980s. He is known for his passionate and romantic style of singing, which has earned him a loyal fan base throughout Latin America and the United States. Santiago's career took off in 1986 in Puerto Rico and the rest of Latin America as a soloist, recording songs including: "Tú me quemas" ("You Burn Me"), "Qué Locura Enamorarme de Ti" ("What Madness To Fall in Love With You"), "Me Fallaste" ("You Failed Me"), Antidoto y Veneno ("Antidote and Venom"), "Tu Me Haces Falta" ("I Miss You"), "Lluvia" ("Rain"), and many others. Santiago has earned both gold and platinum records, along with other awards. He is one of the main singers of "salsa romántica" ("romantic salsa").