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CNCO's song "Llegaste Tú" is a romantic ballad about the power of love. The lyrics tell the story of a person who had given up on love and was feeling cold and lonely until they met someone special. This person changed everything, and the narrator is now feeling a strong and passionate love that they never expected. The chorus of the song emphasizes the suddenness and intensity of the narrator's newfound love, asking "¿Qué está pasando? ¿Qué estoy sintiendo? Que así de violento yo me enamoré." (What is happening? What am I feeling? That so intensly I fell in love)
CNCO is a Latin American boy band formed in 2015 by the Latin American music competition show La Banda. The group consists of five members: Joel Pimentel, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez, and Zabdiel de Jesús. CNCO has achieved international success with their upbeat Latin pop and reggaeton music. Their debut single, "Tan Fácil," was released in 2015 and quickly became a hit in Latin America. The group's debut album, Primera Cita, was released in 2016 and reached number one on the US Latin Albums chart, with 4 more albums and EP's coming after. On July 21, 2022, the band announced that they would be breaking up to focus on their solo careers, but would continue as a group for another year and a half.