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Big Soto
In the song "Lloro :'(," Big Soto expresses his feelings of sadness and remorse for having hurt someone he loved. Despite knowing that she will not return, he continues to think about and cry for her. The artist feels guilty for what he has done and is honest about his feelings.
Gustavo Rafael Guerrero Soto (born 19 October 1996), known professionally as Big Soto, is a Venezuelan rapper, singer and composer of urban genre. When he began his career, Soto ventured into trap, and this was what gave him international recognition. However, he has a great devotion to hip hop, rap, R&B, and African-American music in general. He is currently considered one of the pioneers of Latin trap in America, and one of the first interpreters of the genre in Venezuela, having more than 4.5 million monthly plays on Spotify.