What does LyricFluent do?
LyricFluent helps you learn languages with music.
We help you grow your vocabulary and improve your listening comprehension by learning song lyrics from your favorite artists.
We offer interactive exercises to keep it all fun and engaging!
How many songs can I choose from?
We have exactly songs!
We usually add 5-10 new songs every day!
How do you translate the songs?
We have professional bilingual translators carefully translating each line of each song!
We translate directly as much as possible, so that you can understand what each word means as well as the full sentence!
Are any songs explicit?
Yes. Some of the songs have explicit lyrics.
However, we ask users for their date of birth when they sign up. And we only show users age appropriate songs.
How much does it cost?
A subscription costs between $4.90 - $9.99 per month.
Why is it not free?
We need it to pay artists for their music, developers for coding, and translators for the professional translations and content.
It only costs 2 coffees / beers per month.
Can I try it for free?
Yes you can!
Sign up and you will automatically get a free 3 day trial! No credit card required.
Great! How do I sign up?
By clickingSign in with Googleto sign in or create a new account.
Do you have my favorite song?
We hope so! Search for ithere.
If you can't find it, then request it!
Can I request a song?
Yes please! Go to the requests page by clickinghere.
Or you can email your request to requests@lyricfluent.com
Can I contact you?
Yes! Email us on contact@lyricfluent.com